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According to this recent article by The Pathologist Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is currently diagnosed based on behavioural assessment, but such assessments can be difficult to administer to younger children. The average child is diagnosed with ASD at four or five years old – but identifying children with ASD when they are toddlers may lead to more effective intervention and treatment. Many studies using blood-based biomarkers have been difficult to replicate. How can we overcome this challenge? Machine learning might just be the answer.” 

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What the World Looks Like In Numbers
Mathematics and Medicine are inexorably linked. In this feature, we unpack the complex and often startling data that impacts the world of medicine.
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News, Views and Opinions

The stories hidden in our bones: How a forensic anthropologist would identify your body

Following on her podcast, Forensic Anthropologist Prof Dame Sue Black talks to Amy Barrett from Science Focus.

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Simulating dead bodies could help calculate an accurate time of death

One of the main goals of a forensic scientist is to determine the time and cause of death.  What if technology can assist them with more accurate findings?

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The future of Digital Pathology

Digital Pathology, a step towards the future? If this indeed true, why are Pathologists then still resisting the use of the new technology available?

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Ethics in Pathology

Ethical considerations in Pathology

Pathologists as sheltered in their subterranean quarters, issues of medical ethics might seem a distant consideration.

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Pathology Image-Sharing on Social Media: Recommendations for protecting privacy while motivating education

There is a rising interest in the use of social media by pathologists. However, the use of pathology images on social media has been debated.

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Podcasts and Video's

Pathology: Introduction to Surgical Pathology

In this podcast, Pathologist, Dr Tyler Rouse, gives an overview of what Pathology is and how it is related to surgery and many other specialities.

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Medical errors, how pathologists can address challenges in avoiding them

In this CAPcast, Drs. Richard Owings, Juanita Evans, and Yasmeen Butt discuss medical errors – how to confront and move on from them, as well as how to avoid them.

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What stories do our Skeletons tell?

Prof Dame Sue Black is an anatomist and forensic anthropologist. In this podcast she talks about skeletons and their stories.

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