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Content Disclaimer


The Medical Education Network compiles its content from a variety of resources, including journals, online publications, scientific and academic websites.
They are in no way presented as original work.
Every effort has been made to correctly attribute quotes and content.
Where possible all information has been independently verified.
The Medical Education Network bears no responsibility for any inaccuracies which may occur from the use of third-party sources.
Should you find any inaccuracies or incorrectly attributed articles, or have any additional queries regarding our content, please contact us

Fact-checking Policy

The Medical Education Network makes every effort to review and fact-check the articles used as source material in our summaries and original material.
We have strict guidelines in relation to the publications we use as our source data, favouring peer-reviewed research wherever possible.
Every effort is made to ensure that the information contained here is an accurate reflection of the original material.
Should you find inaccuracies, out of date content or have any additional issues with our articles, please make use of the contact us form to notify us.

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