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Babbage:  Herd Mentality.                                                                
An Economist Radio Podcast
As new waves of covid-19 sweep around the world, scientists are clashing over the concept of herd immunity. Host Kenneth Cukier asks scientists on both sides of the debate whether covid-19 should be left to spread freely among the young and healthy?

Source: Economist Radio.Accessed 22 October 2020
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In Conversation with:
Patient Centric Healthcare 

Professor Morgan Chetty chats to MedED, regarding the practicality of implementing patient-centric healthcare in our developing economy.

A MedED original podcast


The Future of Emergency Response

Source: Gravity Technologies
29 September 2020

How Drones are changing the 
face of remote medicine    

Source: Seeker
24 May 2020

Photon Counting Detectors will be the next major advance in CT
Source: Imaging Technology News
19 August 2020

All video content presented here is sourced from third-party websites and is not owned or managed by MedED. 
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 All video content presented here is sourced from third-party websites and is not owned or managed by MedED
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