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 14 January 2022 | Episode 1

The Medical Week in Review is a weekly podcast that takes a look at healthcare stories, news and events happening locally, and around the world. Listen to us over coffee, in your car or anytime you have ten minutes to spare.

This week: BMJ publishes the 8th edition of WHO’s Corona-19 recommendations; NEJM celebrates the 100th episode of its Corona podcast: dementia looks set to skyrocket and genomics may help improve outcomes in critical care settings. We take a look at novel research into snake envenomation, anthrax and universal flu vaccinations, and ask whether the scientific community swopped rigour for stardust in the case of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes?  

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Explore the latest in national and global health policy, including health care pricing. 

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 Clinical Summaries, Articles of Interest and Healthcare News

Ophthalmology | Patient Case Study Review
Coronavirus Disease 2019 as a possible cause of severe Orbital Cellulitis

This patient case study published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery is the first reported case of this complication from CORONA-19.

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Gerontology | Clinical Summary 
Assessment of Plasma Phospholipid Very-Long-Chain Saturated Fatty Acid Levels and healthy ageing

A review of recent clinical research into the association of very long-chain saturated fatty acids (VLSFA), and a possible link to healthy ageing.

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futuristic medical surgery Robotic surgical arms to operate remotely robotics stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Healthcare Technology | Article Review
From research to keeping company: the place of robotics in healthcare

Robotic technologies are increasingly influential in the medical field. A recent article from The Medical Futurist provides several areas where the application of robotics is already apparent

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 Medical Congresses, events and online activities
Date Conference Location Contact Info
11 Jan International Conference on Bradiarrythimia and Cardiology (ICBC) Singapore Conference Website
11 Jan International Conference on Paediatric Pulmonology, Allergy and Immunology (ICPPA) Singapore Conference Website
13-14 Jan 1st International Meeting "Intermediate Respiratory Care Unit" in COVID19 Madrid Conference Website
14 Jan International Conference on Obesity and Endocrine System (ICOES) Bali Conference Website
18 Jan International Conference on Pediatric Allergy, Immunology and Pulmonology (ICPAIP) Bangkok Conference Website
20 -22 Jan Crohn's & Colitis Congress   Las Vegas Conference Website
21 Jan 19th Meeting of the EAU Section of Oncological Urology Madrid Conference Website
25 Jan International Conference on New Therapies for Gastrointestinal Cancer Paris Conference Website
28 Jan International Conference on Midwifery (ICM) New York Conference Website
31Jan-4Feb 34th Annual Selected Topics in Internal Medicine Paris Conference Website
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Did you know?

Medical Trivia for some light relief

Alcmaeon of Croton was an early Greek medical writer and philosopher-scientist. Although the question of whether he was a physician remains contentious, there is no doubt he was responsible for some remarkable thinking regarding the human body. He was the first to put forward that the "..brain was the seat of understanding, and to distinguish that understanding from perception"1; he believed that sensory organs - such as the eye - were linked to the brain by channels, and way back in 500 BC, he is said to have distinguished veins from arteries. You can read more about this fascinating man here

Source: 1. Alcmaeon,Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Top Technology Healthcare Trends for 2022
Futurist Bernard Marr puts forward his thinking this video

Source: Bernard Marr

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Critical Care & Anaesthesiology collates the latest clinical research, summary articles & news from a range of peer-reviewed journals.

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Compiled articles and clinical research snippets regarding neonatal and pediatric care, including COVID-19 in children, critical care management, vaccination, infectious diseases and more

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What the World Looks Like In Numbers
Mathematics and Medicine are inexorably linked. In this feature, we unpack the complex and often startling data that impacts the world of medicine.

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