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Dec 21

2 Dec 21 | The impact of the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic on mortality in South Africa in 2020 
2 Dec 21 | Patterns of Adjuvant Chemotherapy Use and Association With Survival in Adults 80 Years and Older With Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma (JAMA ) 
2 Dec 21 | Myocarditis after Covid-19 Vaccination 
23 Nov 21 | Effect of Intra-articular Platelet-Rich Plasma vs Placebo on Pain and Cartilage Volume in Knee Osteoarthritis (JAMA) 



3 - 18 November 2021

18 Nov 21 | Gene therapy for Hemophilia A (NEJM)  
17 Nov 21 | Categorization of Differing Types of Total Pancreatectomy( JAMA)  

  9 Nov 21 | Evaluation of the BNT162b2 Covid-19 Vaccine in Children 5 to 11 Years of Age (NEJM) 
  4 Nov 21 | Association of Smoking, Alcohol Consumption, Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, and Glycemic Risk Factors With Age-Related Macular Degeneration: A Mendelian Randomization Study(JAMA) 
  3 Nov 21 | Epinephrine before defibrillation in patients with shockable in-hospital cardiac arrest: propensity-matched analysis (BMJ) 


4 - 21 October 2021

21 Oct 21 | Covid-19 Breakthrough Infections in Vaccinated Health Care Workers (NEJM)  
21 Oct 21 | Mix-and-match COVID vaccines ace the effectiveness test (NATURE) 
15 Oct 21 | Cancer-Related Cognitive Impairment in Patients With a History of Breast Cancer (NEJM) 

12 Oct 21 | New Surgical Skills Lab to train specialists and sub-specialists (Wits) 
  4 Oct 21 | Association of Statin Therapy Initiation With Diabetes Progression (JAMA


23 - 29 August 2021

29 Aug 21| ESC guidelines on cardiac pacing and cardiac resynchronization therapy launched (European Heart Journal) 

27 Aug 21| Risk of thrombocytopenia and thromboembolism after covid-19 vaccination and SARS-CoV-2 positive testing: self-controlled case series study (BMJ)
24 Aug 21| The composition of the gut microbiota following early-life antibiotic exposure affects host health and longevity in later life (Cell)
23 Aug 21| A map of metabolic phenotypes in patients with myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (JCI Insights)
23 Aug 21| Sex-Specific Association of the X Chromosome With Cognitive Change and Tau Pathology in Aging and Alzheimer Disease (JAMA Neurology)



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